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Updated November 09, 2014

Litter 1
born September 19, from Korben and Zhett
One silver male and one silver female

Two very beautiful silver kittens. They're still very fuzzy but they're already showing nice 3-tone rosettes in nice exciting patterns. Cute right now but when they grow into their slick adult coats they'll be stunning. They both inherited their father's muscular build. Molly will grow up to be big and Harry's going to be huge! I'll set their prices by the end of October.

Harry is a beautiful boy with nice contrast. The dark outlines and medium grey filling on his spots stands out even more in real life. He has a velvety soft, glittered coat just like his mother. He's very brave and playful, always the first to explore new places and fearless around cats ten time his size! By the time he's 8-9 months old his eyes will turn emerald green which will be the icing on the cake. He inherited his father's strong build and will grow up to be quite muscular.
$1700 pet price includes neutering & microchip with lifetime activation


Molly's beautiful pattern of rosettes with dappled outlines reminds me of a clouded leopard. She's got a warmer "tarnished silver" color where some cream color seeps into the black & white motif, like an antique sepia toned photograph. You see this effect most clearly in her feet and face, because this color gene is inherited from distant Siamese ancestors. Molly has her mother's super soft glittered coat. She'll grow up to be lean & athletic like her mother but a bit larger due to her father's influence. Her face is already cute but it'll be striking when her eyes finally turn bright green. Molly likes to climb and play but she's a little less rambunctious than her brother. She loves to hang and cuddle when picked up for petting.
$1550 pet price includes spaying and microchip with lifetime activation.  


Litter 2
born October 27, from Duncan and Ala
Two males: one spotted and one marble

Thomas has an extremely rare pattern to come from these parents. Sometimes you get a surprise! He's a "sheeted" marble, which means he's mainly black with veins of golden brown running throughout. He has a sweet face with warm brown coloring and a strong muzzle. It's too early to say much else about him because sheeted marbles are difficult to observe when they're this young and fuzzy. He even has a marble pattern on his belly!
Price to be announced at 5-6 weeks of age. 


Mack is a beautiful guy! He has a very dramatic, high-contrast pattern of tricolor rosettes in random shapes, some of them are "chained" together. He also has a great face just like his father! I'm looking forward to watching his pattern and personality develop over the next few weeks.
Price to be announced at 5-6 weeks of age.