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updated Feb 27, 2016


Naomi & Tommy
Born Jan 2, 2017
2 silver spotted females



KATE: PET PRICE $1750 includes spay & microchip w/ lifetime activation
Kate is a little darker than her sister, with deeper color in her spots & rosettes too. She's a strong and agile girl who loves to climb, jump, and explore. She seems to have inherited her father's energy and muscular build. She loves sneaking up on her sister, and finding high places for snoozing. As Kate matures, her color will really pop when she grows out of her kitten fuzz and starts showing her sleek adult coat. Silver kittens from this bloodline are very silky as adults. Her eyes will develop into green before she's a hear old, and she'll have the same glittered coat as both of her parents.  


RIKI: PET PRICE $1750 includes spay & microchip w/ lifetime activation
Riki is a bit lighter in color than her sister, and has a slightly more delicate pattern. She has the same muscularity and love of climbing. Her favorite toy is a red solo cup but to her its the most exciting thing in the world. It's fun to note that she has an almost heart-shaped mark on each side. As she develops into her sleek & silky adult coat, she'll lose the kitten fuzz so her pattern will be nice and sharply defined. Kate will grow up to have green eyes and a glittered coat just like her parents.



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